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A useful trick: to be able to compile code at runtime and use its result(s) in a scala/java class!

First we need the proper scala dependencies:


Then we need to have a compiler utility (written in scala):

import java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
import scala.reflect.runtime.universe
import scala.tools.reflect.ToolBox

object ScriptEngine {

  val cache = new ConcurrentHashMap[String, Any]();

  def compile(code: String): Any = {
    val toolBox = universe.runtimeMirror(getClass.getClassLoader).mkToolBox()


And finally we can compile and use:

val function = ScriptEngine.compile("(i:Int)=>i+1").asInstanceOf[(Int)=>Int]
// evaluates to 2!
val outcome = function(1)

And that is it :)

NOTE: output object can’t be used in a serializer/deserializer process, since class in not (usually) available in deserializer class loader (class is defined in the script, into its own class loader).